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Amy Fisher
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Amy Fisher

Amy Fisher, the 16-year-old "Long Island Lolita" subject of made-for-television movies and tabloid headlines for shooting her married lover's wife, has published her biography called, "If I Knew Then..."

Fisher's affair with auto body shop owner Joey Buttafuoco came to light on May 19, 1992 when she went to his home told his wife, Mary Jo, that her "sister" was having an affair with her husband. When Mary Jo Buttafuoco told Amy to get off her property and started to walk back into the house, Amy hit her over the head with the gun and then shot her in the right temple as she lay on the porch.

Remarkably, Mary Jo Buttafuoco survived the attack. Acting on information from Joey Buttafuoco, police arrested Amy Fisher for the shooting. Joey Buttafuoco was never charged in connection with the shooting, but he was later charged with one count of statutory rape and pleaded guilty.

After serving six months, Buttafuoco was released and moved to Los Angeles, where he pursued an acting career.

Traumatic Childhood and Promiscuity: Amy Elizabeth Fisher was born on August 21, 1974. In her book, "Amy Fisher: My Story," co-written with Sheila Weller, Amy wrote that she suffered early childhood trauma after a family member, repeatedly, sexually abused her. Then, at age 13, a man hired to work at her home raped her. In her very early teens she was sexually active, eventually resulting in an unwanted pregnancy and abortion. The abuse she suffered as a child seemed to spur her promiscuous behavior, later in life.

The Beginnings of the Sexual Affair: Amy met Joey Buttafuoco in May 1991, when she took her car to his auto shop for repairs. She began visiting the shop and hanging around Joey on a regular basis. Her attraction toward him grew. On July 2, with her car in repair, Joey offered to drive her home. While at her home, the two had their first sexual encounter in her bedroom. Joey was 35, married, with two children. Amy Fisher was 16, and in high school. For the next several months, the two solidified their love affair at local motels.

Amy's Total Focus Was On Joey: According to Amy, Joey often talked about his unhappiness in his marriage. Amy, in return, shared intimate details of her life to him. The relationship was going strong, but other areas of Amy’s life were beginning to unravel. She was doing badly in school and she lost interest in her friends and family. Her focus was on Joey. By August 1991, Amy was out of work and in need of money. Allegedly, Joey suggested she become an escort at a local escort service. Amy took his suggestion.

Amy Fisher


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