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Manson Family

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The Manson Family, a brainwashed group of women led by Charles Manson, who tried to start a racial war (Helter Skelter)by implicating the black panthers in the murders, and killing prominent white people. 
Here are the Family Photos


Patricia "Katie" Krenwinkel
After Pat's parents divorced when she was 17, she stayed in California with her father until graduating from high school when she then moved to Alabama to live with her mother and attend a catholic college. That lasted for only one semester and she moved back to California and roomed with her step-sister, Charlene, who at the time was a heroin addict. In 1967, at the age of 20, she met Charles Manson, Mary Brunner, and Lynette Fromme who were at her apartment visiting her sister.


After a ferocious argument with her father over the definition of a word, Lyn packed her bags and left home for the final time. She ended up at Venice Beach where she soon met Charlie Manson. The two talked at length and Lyn found Charlie captivating as he spoke of his beliefs and his feelings about life. The intellectual connection between the two was strong and when Manson invited Lyn to join him and Mary Brunner to travel the country, Lyn quickly agreed.

Charles Manson
Leader of the "family." He got into these women's heads by using their low-self esteem.

Charles Milles Manson (born November 12, 1934) was convicted of murder in what became known as the Tate/La Bianca case, after the names of the victims of two mass murders carried out by his followers. As the leader of a group of young male and female followers, known collectively as "The Family", Manson was found guilty of planning murders and ordering these murders, although he was not accused of committing them physically. (There were several other murders probably committed by the Family, some of which it was alleged he did commit himself.)

During his trial, evidence was accepted that he recruited young and vulnerable people who were estranged from their families, hostile, or in need of affirmation, and gained their trust. His ability to engender trust and belief and his philosophy, combined with sex, drugs, and freedom from guilt, were used to gain control over them. It was widely believed within the community that Manson was Jesus. Manson began discussing his theory of "Helter Skelter", the ultimate race war he claimed was being prophesied by the music of The Beatles. In 1969, he told his followers that it was time to start "Helter Skelter", which he believed he could incite by gruesomely murdering prominent white people and leaving clues which implicated the Black Panthers. Over two nights in August 1969, his followers murdered seven people in Los Angeles, California, including the movie actress Sharon Tate, who was eight months pregnant. The murder case and subsequent trial were major news stories throughout the world because of the high profile victims, the brutality of the killings, and the unique backgrounds of the people accused of killing them.

Manson and several of his followers were found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. However, the sentence was commuted when California dropped the death sentence.

Sadie Mae Glutz "Susan Atkins"

Atkins met the grubby ex-convict, 32-year-old Charles Manson, when he visited a commune where she was living. She became mesmerized by Manson and packed up and traveled with the group, eventually ending up at the Spahn Movie Ranch. Charlie renamed Atkins, Sadie Glutz, and she became a devout group member and promoter of Manson's ideology. Family members later described Atkins as being one of Manson's biggest fans


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